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Mission Statement

August 14, 2014 1:15 pm

Mission Statement for Central Valley Bariatrics and Dr. Ara Keshishian “The best patient that I can have is the most knowledgeable patient”

This is one of the “lines” that I use during my teaching and consultations sessions. I firmly believe that a patients should have all the pertinent information before they decide to proceed with a treatment plan. Be the treatment is medical in nature or surgical the patient needs to have all the scientific facts before an informed decision is made.

Part of my duty is to provide the information in a scientific and concise fashion in non-medical terms. Additional resources, such as this blog, FB group (The one managed by our office, and those maintained by others) along with the Webinar hosted by us, all serve to complement each other for providing a forum for exchange of information.

The value of information exchanged between patients can not be underestimated. Patients who have walked the path can provide a much more practical experience that I can ever share with a patient. The information shared between patient can and should carry a wider range of topics. It is to be noted however, that no information exchanged between patients should replace the advice of a patients’ surgeon.

For most of us that offer weight loss surgery, we realize that there is a lot more to the care of our patients that just to “cut” and hope for the best! The best outcome is dependent as much on the follow up care as it is to the surgery itself.

I personally believe that the care should be compassionate, respectful, caring and professional. There is no reason why the advice given should include disrespectful, or otherwise demeaning comments, suggestions or innuendoes. These have always been the guiding principals based on which we will conduct our practice on the Facebook, our blog and in person. No one, be patients, my office staff or myself should tolerate any personal threats, foul language or disrespect. For those who may see values to demeaning and inflammatory discussion tones, I wish you the best in other venues.