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Pre-Operative Work-Up

Prior to any surgery that involves general anesthesia, a number of diagnostic tests need to be performed. Weight loss surgical procedures are no exception. In fact in most cases a more in-depth and extensive pre-operative evaluation is needed prior to weight loss surgery.

Pre-operative patients will be required to have an EKG, chest x-ray and complete blood work prior to the surgery. The blood work will include a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s nutritional status by measuring vitamin and mineral levels. Some patient’s may require upper endoscopy and/or upper GI series prior to their surgery to evaluate their anatomy. Based on the patient’s past medical history, some may be required to have a sleep study, while others may require a complete cardiac evaluation.

Our office will coordinate and help you complete the preoperative workup. We have also composed a document to help each patient optimize their pre-opertiave health care status here.