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Weight Loss Surgery*

We offer a variety of proven weight loss surgery procedures that offer long term results. At Central Valley Bariatrics, Dr. Ara Keshishian is committed to providing comprehensive care, follow-up as well as surgical options for obesity. Our patients know that success requires more than performing a Bariatric surgery. We are committed to ongoing care, education and support prior to surgery, during and after. Dr. Ara Keshishian has more than 18 years of experience in helping patients through the weight loss surgical journey. Every patient should understand that Bariatric surgery is a lifetime commitment to a change in lifestyle, health maintenance and followup.  We assess each individual to as to their individual health history, lifestyle and qualifying criteria for Bariatric surgery. We’ve had the privilege of assisting people from all over the world with their surgical needs.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery:

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Weight Loss Surgery Options


*Results may vary based on dedication and changes made to lifestyle post surgery.