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Testimonials * & Support

It is our privilege and honor to be a part of our patients’ journey to health and well-being following weight loss surgery. We are happy to be able to share their success and testimonials with you. Whether they’ve decided on Duodenal Switch, Gastric Bypass revision to Duodenal Switch, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Sleeve Gastrectomy to Duodenal Switch, or revision of Duodenal Switch, we are proud of each one of our patients and are in awe of their transformations, testimonials and reviews.

Join in our community of support and information:

Patient Success Stories and Testimonials *

Patricia's revision from Adjustable Gastric Band to Duodenal Switch*

Krystal's revision from Adjustable Gastric Band to Duodenal Switch *

Brad's Before & After *


Tom's Before and After *


Lisa's Before & After *


Pat's Before & After *

*Results may vary based on dedication and changes made to lifestyle post surgery.