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Thigh Lift

For information about Thigh Lifts please click Thigh Lift Information Sheet.

A Thigh Lift includes the removal of loose skin of the inner thighs in a crescent shaped pattern. After the loose skin is removed, the new skin edges (from a point lower down on the thigh) are lifted and sutured into place in the groin area or inner thigh if a large amount of skin is removed. The thigh lift result in a new thigh contour that has a healthy appearance rather than a sagging one. There is also an increase in skin tone and quality in the thigh area.

The weight of the skin, muscle and fat along with gravity tend to cause the scars from the thigh lift to spread and migrate downward. Even though they start out high in the groin crease or inner thigh, they are often visible below the short pants line later on.

If a person has had a large amount of weight loss this procedure is well worth it, but only if the trade-off for visible scars is well understood.

The areas operated on will initially feel tight and swollen. The swelling is mild to moderate, and peaks at two to three days. Usually, the sutures are covered with adhesive strips (steri- strips), skin tape and surgical gauze. Small amounts of oozing and bleeding are very common but should be no more than a slow staining of the gauze dressing. Because of the location of the incisions for a thigh lift, it is impossible to avoid lying on them. Change position at least every 30 minutes and move as carefully as possible while putting as little stress on the incision lines as possible

Planning your Thigh Lift:

You should come to the office prepared for an extensive consultation. Dr. Keshishian will need to learn about your medical history, problems, surgeries and current medications. Prior cosmetic and other surgeries are important to tell your surgeon about. You will need to help Dr. Keshishian understand what bothers you regarding this area.  Redundant skin and adherent scars are a dynamic problem and Dr. Keshishian will need to see how the skin drapes, where the extra tissue is located, check for hernias, and examine your scars. Dr. Keshishian will then discuss the different surgical approaches. There are several different surgeries possible depending on the anatomical defect and the nature of your tissues. He will then recommend what method of surgical sculpting is best suited for your problem and then discuss the risks, benefits and alternate methods of care. Understanding the benefits and limitations of surgery helps with realistic expectations.

The office consultation permits an appropriate examination of the problem. Please bring the following items to your evaluation as these items are all helpful when available and can help us better understand your needs. Dr. Keshishian may ask for additional laboratory results tests prior to surgery.

  • prior operative reports
  • actual x-ray films (not just the reports)
  • doctor’s office notes
  • photographs before surgery