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Category: Angular Cheilitis

Angular Cheilitis

October 04, 2014 2:35 am

Cracked corners of the lips is know as Angular Cheilitis (AC). This is a condition that is not uncommon. It has been contributed to a lowered immune state caused by multiple factors. The underlying lowered immune state may predispose a patient to an infection which can cause the AC. These infections can be caused by bacteria or fungus that is normally present in healthy individuals, but with any level stress placed on the immune system, they are able to spread.

This condition can surface with minimal weakening of the immune system. Possible contributing factor of weakened immune system may be stress (physical and psychological), trauma, malnutrition, and extreme fatigue. Vitamin B and Iron deficiency was also suspected to be a cause of AC. The  Vitamin B or iron deficiency may be contributing factor of weakened immune state and not directly causing AC. It is however important to correct all possible contributing causes including Iron and vitamin B deficiency.

Angular Cheilitis
Angular Cheilitis