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Shared Success Story: Kerry F. had a Gastric Bypass revision to Duodenal Switch

Posted On : May 27, 2014

Revising from RNY to Duodenal Switch

Spending my entire life overweight, I thought I found the answer when I had my RNY gastric bypass surgery in July 2001 at the age of 24.  I was 354 lbs. at 5’9 and after RNY gastric bypass lost down to my lowest weight of 192 lbs.  I kept that weight off for 6 years.

Before revising RNY to Duodenal Switch

Then due to my previous surgeons lack of information about vitamins (I needed an iron transfusion in 2004 due to iron deficiency anemia and malnutrition) and my ignorance of proper eating I ended up gaining 150 lbs. back in just 3 years from my intestines reabsorbing and a stretched pouch. I felt like a complete failure, embarrassed and angry. I turned to a website about putting Lap Band over bypass, a new procedure. While investigating, Dr. Keshishian I found out about revising to Duodenal Switch (DS) and how it can help lose the weight and keep it off through adherence of diet and vitamins.

I felt at ease with Dr. Keshishian immediately upon our first talk on the phone (I live in FL and his practice is in CA.)  I sent him all the paperwork and lab work and we discussed the options. I wish I had known about Duodenal Switch back in 2001, as I never would have chosen the RNY gastric bypass.  I made the decision to go back under the knife for a revision with one of the BEST revision doctors out there in the Weight Loss Surgery community, Dr. Keshishian.  I flew to CA and spent two weeks recovering from a very difficult procedure, which came out flawlessly!  Three years later I was down to 193 lbs.! I started look into removing the excess skin and took the leap on getting my plastic surgery done. Now after all my procedures I have gone from a high if 353 lbs. from my revision surgery weight to 165 lbs. after plastics – from a 30/32W to a 10/12 regular!

I feel amazing at the age of 37 and thank Dr. Keshishian for giving my life back to me

AGAIN, always telling me from day one that I was NOT a failure – the RNY was.  He also said to believe in myself, follow the plan and be proud of my accomplishments.  And I am!!! My advice to all – do your research, know ALL of your options, make the best decision for you and if you want a DS revision go with one of the BEST, Dr. Keshishian.  He won’t steer you wrong! I’m living proof!!!

Kerry F.



After revising to Duodenal Switch
After revising to Duodenal Switch

2 responses to “Shared Success Story: Kerry F. had a Gastric Bypass revision to Duodenal Switch”

  1. Kerry, I so agree with you on everything and about Dr. K. I also had a revision from RnY which I had in 2005, and a revision to a DS in 2009. I never lost all of my weight, but still hope to get back on track. I lost 80 pounds with the DS, had lost 90 with the RNY, but after 2 years gained 70 back. I, too, ams so proud of what I have accomplished. I haven't had plastics yet, but am thinking of it maybe after I recover from my knee replacement surgery. You are looking great. Nice to know you. Karen

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