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Questions that were posted on the obesity help website

Posted On : January 25, 2010

Obesity Help Questions:

Here are several explanations to a question that were posted on the obesity help website:

The Swedish Obese subject group of studies (SOS studies) have been looking at a lot of the questions that are raised.

1.) Diet and exercise in relation to weight loss surgery. The study found weight loss surgical procedures far more superior to the conventional diet and exercise plans. Their original data offered a relationship between the nonsurgical method and the RNY gastric bypass, VBG, and banding procedures. The long-term outcomes in 15 years of data were plotted and it is significant that the control (the nonsurgical group) had no sustained weight loss.

2.) The follow-up question was asked to find if there are any life-extending benefits to weight loss surgical procedures.  This is a question that has only recently been answered, since it takes time to know if patients who have had weight loss surgery live longer or not. The published data in NEJM in 2007 by the SOS group answered this same specific question.

This data (graph on the left) demonstrated that in a 16 year period, the cumulative mortality rate was better (lower) in the weight loss surgical limb than that of the nonsurgical limb.
This was the first time that a large enough study showed that not only a patient looses weight, but also lives longer after weight loss surgery.
This does not identify the differences between each weight loss surgical procedure. It also does not distinguish between the long-term outcomes of the different procedures.

Ara Keshishian, MD, FACS, FASMBS

The graphs are from

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  1. Hi dr K im a past tech that worked with you. You used to call me Oscar.. Just wAnted to tell you hi and i enjoy reading about your procedures.

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