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Posted On : November 08, 2009

I am not sure what has happened over the past two weeks or so, but I have received a number of inquiries from patients who have had questions about the revision of RNY or Lap Band® for weight regain, inadequate weight loss, or other complications. I finally had to ask one of the patients where he got his information and heard about our practice. His source of information was the website.

I have spent some time looking over and responding to several postings on the forum sites. I have referred to a number of publications in some of my postings on

Nishie (Obesity Surgery, 17, 2007 1183-1188) reported:
“Pouch size area, measured by routine UGI on the first postoperative day does not influence short term postoperative weight loss. “

Cottam (Obesity Surgery 2009, 19:13-17) concluded:
“The level of restriction or the presence of stenosis achieved by different stapler sizes does not have a significant role in weight loss.”

O’Connor (Surgery for Obesity and Related Dis. 4(2008) 399-403) summarizes:
“With construction of divided, vertical, lesser curvature based small-volume (less than or equal to  20 cm gastric pouches, the actual size of the gastric pouch did not correlate with the %EWL at 1 year laparoscopic GB.”

I am a firm believer that the best patient is the most knowledgeable patient. It is always safer to spend as much time as needed to ask questions and investigate all options. If I can provide any information, please contact us at

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