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Nearly 16 years Post DS

Posted On : January 29, 2015 I was recently lucky enough to be able to have dinner with my first private practice Duodenal Switch (DS) patient from almost 16 years ago.  This DS journey has been amazing, enlightening and humbling. I am continually impressed with how people change their lives and go on to exceed their own expectations. It was wonderful to see my rationale for promoting DS as the weight loss surgical procedure with the best long term outcomes and “normal” eating ability perfectly represented. Patient #1 has maintained her weight loss long term, ate the variety of foods served at about 50% of what others around the table ate and has continued to thrive in her life.  Our meal consisted of protein, vegetables, rice and even a bit of dessert. She runs a company with numerous employees and interacts with clients on a daily basis. She has maintained her laboratory studies with consistent daily protein, vitamin and mineral supplementation.  She has not needed iron infusions or any other additional nutritional support. There are many misconceptions out in the bariatric and general community regarding the DS. DS patients do not normally have accidents, have an odor about them, or spend all day in the bathroom unless they have eaten something that does not agree with them. Nor is weight loss surgery an easy way out.  It is a lifetime commitment of protein, vitamin and mineral supplementation with yearly laboratory study surveillance. I have always believed that giving the patient the most “normal” eating ability with long term weight loss success is the best outcome. Dr. Bruce MacPherson was my mentor in Pontiac, Michigan where I learned Hess technique for DS. Dr. MacPherson was personally trained by Dr. Douglas Hess.  My private practice experience with DS started in 1999. I truly believe that Hess technique gives the best overall outcome and lifestyle to the patient. In my opinion,  the Hess technique is comparable to taking normal anatomy and reducing it down to overcome metabolic disruption.  The above is an example of one patient’s outcome.  Each patient’s experience is individualized based on their health history, anatomy, metabolism and surgical outcome.

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