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Hiatal Hernia Treatment

Posted On : February 13, 2016

Hiatal Hernia may be one reason for developing symptoms of GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). As we have discussed previously, the treatment for reflux should not be long-term use of the “purple pill”, or all PPI’s, as advertised on TV. There is a large population who are delaying  definitive care and probably increasing their chance of esophageal cancer by taming the  symptoms of the reflux with over the counter or prescription medication.  However, it is important to note that taming the symptoms isn’t necessarily stopping the effects. Be proactive and request to be sent to a surgeon to fix any issues if you are being recommended to “….take the medication and come back again for another endoscopy  again ….”

Types of Hiatal Hernia:

Hiatus Hernia Types

This is an example of a patient who had  been told to take the medication and just keep and eye on it with repetitive endoscopies.  He had to have hiatal hernia repair with  Nissen fundoplication for progressively worsening symptoms even on maximum treatment.

Surgical View of Hiatal Hernia
Surgical View of Hiatal Hernia

This is another example of a hiatal hernia repair procedure  of a patient with a previous history of sleeve gastrectomy.  In this patient, mesh had to be placed in order to fix the hiatal hernia.

2 responses to “Hiatal Hernia Treatment”

  1. I had the DS back in 2001 with Dr Bob Rabkin. Several years later, his brother, John, did a Hiatal Hernia Repair. Since 2001, I have NEVER been able to go off of PPIs as if I do my Acid Reflux is so bad that I am unable to keep down food and liquids. I just went through more testing and found out that I still have a Hiatal Hernia. One of the odd symptoms are very painful and very loud Hiccups. My GIs solution to this is to keep me o PPIs and now has added in Muscle Relaxes to relax my Esophagus. They do help but it is not curing the problem. Any suggestions are warmly welcome, Gail Pruitt

    • Hello, I recoomend that you see Dr. Rabkin for evaluation. You may have a recurrent hiatal hernia that may need to be repaired. Alternatively, other surgical options may ned to be entertained. Being on PPI and muscle relaxants are not long term solutions.

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