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Posted On : January 12, 2009

Avocado- Can I have some?

“Avocados Are Not Just a Pretty Face, They’re Good for You, Too.” According to a in the LA Times, a “functional food” is defined as one that helps maintain a healthy physique and improves the body. Now that’s a little vague, but primarily this definition is being used to single out those foods that seem to be naturally blessed with combinations of phytochemicals that may help fight certain chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Now avocados have been elevated to “functional food” status. According to the director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, avocados include a cholesterollowering agent and are said to act as an antioxidant. Although naturally high in fat (monounsaturated like olive oil) they can be added to diabetic and heart-healthy diets. Avocados have more potassium than a banana and contain almost 10 % of an adult’s daily requirement of iron. They are low in sodium, and provide good quantities of betacarotene, vitamins B6, C and E, folic acid and copper. Because they are a vegetable product, they have no cholesterol. The average avocado contains 112-177 calories depending on size and type. A slice of avocado on a low-fat cracker can provide extra protein as well. Bon Appetite!!

How to Calculate the amount of Calories used?

EXERCISE AND CALORIES—To determine the number of calories burned for a specific activity, enjoy the information from below and use it to help you burn calories!

Activity Calories per minute for a 150 pound individual
Aerobics 9.2
Archery 4.4
Jumping Rope 11.0
Billiards 2.9
Lying at ease 1.5
Boxing 9.4
Canoeing 3.1
Card playing 1.7
Nautilus 6.3
Free weight 5.8
Cleaning 4.2
Snow skiing 8.1
Cooking 3.1
Cycling 4.4
Squash 14.4
Swimming 8.3
Eating 1.6
Golf 5.8
Ironing 2.2
Basketball 9.4
Running (11 min. mile) 13.1
Running (9 min. mile) 9.2
Table Tennis 4.6
Fishing 4.2
Typing 1.8
Football 9.0
Volleyball 3.4
Gardening 8.6
Walking 5.4
Racquetball 12.1
CALORIES = calories per minute for a 150 pound individual

Total calories burned = (W/150) x C x M


W = Your weight in pounds

C = Number from table above for specific activity

M = Number of minutes activity performed

Example: If a 180 pounds male swims for 30 minutes, the total calories burned are:

Calories = (180/150) x 8.3 x 30 = 299 calories


How much water is enough?

Most of us do not adequately hydrate our bodies, especially in the summertime and after we work out. This is critical for our post-op patients. To find out how much water you really need: take your weight, divide it in half and divide by 8.


A 300lb person — divided in half = 150 divided by 8 = 18 ½ glasses of water/ day.
A 150 lb person, divided in half = 75 divided by 8 = 9 glasses water/day.
Drinks containing caffeine and alcohol will only dehydrate you more.

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