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Adjustable Gastric Band Removal & Hiatal Hernia Repair

Posted On : April 21, 2015
As it is a recurrent theme, a patient presents with a band that was placed years ago with marginal weight loss over a short period of time. Multiple office visits to the same center for band adjustments, which only results in worsening nausea, vomiting and reflux to the point of having difficulty with taking fluids in. The irony was that the patient was being blamed for the symptoms as to “…eating the wrong food, …eating too much, etc” The patient presented to the Emergency Room and was taken to the Operating Room within few hours for a partially slipped band and a Hiatal Hernia was also identified. The adjustable gastric band was removed and the Hiatal hernia was repaired.


The band in place and after being taken down


The dissection of the wrap over the band that shows erosion


Part of the hiatal hernia repair.


The band and the port removed.

5 responses to “Adjustable Gastric Band Removal & Hiatal Hernia Repair”

  1. I have a Hiatal Hernia wrapped around my lap band and having trouble finding a doctor to repair it. Who in Nashville, TN can do this?

    • Hello, We do not know or can refer you to any surgeon. It is, however, important to discuss this with your primary care or your healthcare plan (insurance company) for a referral to a surgeon as soon as possible.

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