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Adjustable Gastric Band Easily Reversible?

Posted On : November 24, 2014

The Adjustable Gastric Band  (AGB) procedures have been advertised as “easily reversible” minimally invasive procedures. A point of interest is why doesn’t anyone ask the question, “Why would a successful device and/or procedure need to be revised or removed?”

The long term success data shows that the AGB procedure is the most inferior of all bariatric  procedures. It is important, that when looking at the published data,  special attention is given to the definitions in that particular study. An example would be that if a study defines “successful outcomes as weight loss for 30 days!” then all procedure will be successful.

The following is an example of a patient who had the Lap Band (R) a several years ago in another institution. She was seen for surgical follow up with minimal weight loss over a short period of time. She then developed the typical complications of the band, namely the upper abdominal pain, reflux, inability to swallow solids, persistent nausea and vomiting. Her symptoms were all “worked up” and  was told that all the studies were normal.  All of her  symptoms were contributed to her eating habits, even though they persisted after the Lap Band (R) was completely empty.

The patient then presented n our office for a second opinion. After being seen in our office and having a full work up, she had the Lap Band removed and was revised to a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. She had complete resolution of all of her prior presenting symptoms.

Adjustable Gastric Band Easily Reversible?
Adjustable Gastric Band Easily Reversible?
Pictured is the LapBand being dissected. There is significant scarring that has to be dissected to expose the band.
Adjustable Gastric Band Easily Reversible?
Adjustable Gastric Band Easily Reversible?
With the band removed a very thick band of scar tissue is exposed. This is a typical outcome- and it explains why most patients continue to experience the same symptoms even with the band completely empty.
Adjustable Gastric Band Easily Reversible?
Adjustable Gastric Band Easily Reversible?
The thick scar tissue must be dissected and removed to allow for the underlying tissue to return to near normal anatomy. The scar tissue act like a restrictive band. If this scar tissue is not removed the patient will continue to have problem after the band is removed.
Hopefully this will reassure patients who are having problems with the band after it’s reservoir is emptied. Scar tissue formation under the band is most likely the contributing factor to the continued and significant symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and reflux.  If you are having continued symptoms after your band has been deflated seek other surgical opinions.

3 responses to “Adjustable Gastric Band Easily Reversible?”

  1. Hello
    No where did I imply that once the band is removed everything returns to normal. There is extensive information available on the website with examples of most frequent complications. There is also narrated videos of different complications that we have operated on.
    Please follow the links on they page for examples.

    under the tab "Band Related" are examples of complications.

  2. THANK YOU!! Dr. Keshishian So Much for Proving what is well known in the Bariatric community but so many Dr's chose to ignore. We have a group for anyone looking for Facts about Adjustable Gastric banding = Lap Band and the complications that DO in Fact occur. We are over 2000+ strong and increasing daily. Which Both Saddens and Angers me, seeing as the lap Band had revisions rates of 60% and should no longer be performed. Welcome to anyone looking for help

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