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Vitamin D and Weight Loss Surgery

Posted On : April 10, 2016

5 responses to “Vitamin D and Weight Loss Surgery”

  1. My vitamin D stays extremely low they have never offered shots. All I have ever gotten is prescription strength. I have recently been diagnosed with lobular neutrophilic peniculitis which I believe is do to my d.s. surgery. Any suggestions. It is very very painful and debilitating when it flares up

    • Hello, we recommend vitamin A and D shots when the oral supplements fail to correct the deficiency. Please call our office to coordinate.

    • Hello, The vitamin D dosage is not based on a procedure but on a patient’s vitamin D levels, risk factors, medical condition, etc. A young non-smoker-male patient who had a normal vitamin D level will require a much lower dose of vitamin D supplements when compared to a post-menopausal female who smokes and also had a low vitamin D level before surgery. It is crucial to stay in touch with your surgeon, who should be on top of your nutritional supplements.

      • Thanks, doctors in here take over 30 vitamin D as normal even for bariatric patients, I’m 29 years old non smoker female with low vitamin D before surgery (my surgery was 2016), my PTH after surgery is in high normal range most of the time (40-56 just once was 69) normal range of different kites of 12-65, 15-68, 4.6-58.1, before surgery I didn’t have PTH test after 2 years of surgery I had my first PTH test…, my D level after surgery 23-54, calcium was always 9 or more, higher vitamin D didn’t result in lower PTH for me, for example I had vitamin D 54 with PTH 53.9 , vitamin D 23 with PTH 48, wondering should I still bring vitamin D up? Or 24 hour urine calcium test necessary after surgery?

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