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Normal Stomach and Intestinal Anatomy

Posted On : April 10, 2016
Upper Endoscopy, looks into the esophagus, Stomach and the first part of the small bowel, Duodenum

2 responses to “Normal Stomach and Intestinal Anatomy”

  1. If a patient has Lynch Syndrome, will a Duodenal Switch allow the needed screenings to be able to continue after surgery? Or does the Duodenal Switch eliminate access to important screening areas? Would a “modified” DS be a possibility to allow for thorough endoscopies later?

    • Duodenal Switch and the so-called “modified” (assuming you are referring to the SIPS/SADI) will all limit endoscopic access to the part s of the the duodenum and small bowel. Not knowing anything about your specific case, I would probably recommend Sleeve as the only option since all other procedures will reset screening endoscopies.

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