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Converting Lap-Band® to Gastric Bypass

Have you failed to lose weight with the Lap-Band? You may have been sold on a procedure based on information that has failed to meet your expectations. Many people have experienced disappointing results with the Lap-Band, such as failing to lose the weight after a certain amount of time, or complications from the surgery. Based on the experiences of recent patients, the Lap-Band is known to get loose and slip within the body, which requires surgery to correct the situation.

Many patients are informed by their doctors that the failure of their Lap-Band occurs as a result of poor personal responsibility, which is often not the case. Though it is dependent on the patient to fulfill certain responsibilities involving diet and exercise, the failure to lose weight is often out of their control and is actually the fault of the device itself.

A large number of people will often turn to another method of losing weight after the Lap-Band has ceased showing results. One of these methods is the gastric bypass surgery, which involves reconstructing the stomach to promote weight loss. There are several ways to go about performing this surgery, but the purpose is to separate the stomach into two different sections, one of which will be a small walnut-sized pouch designed to hold smaller amounts of food. The small intestine will then be disconnected from the larger portion of the stomach and attached to the pouch, which will allow smaller amounts of food to pass through without absorbing a large number of calories.

Since the gastric bypass procedures involve reconstructing parts of the body without the use of a foreign device, there is no risk of a device eroding or slipping within the body. There are, however, certain risks involved with any surgery and only a certain amount of people may qualify for a gastric bypass. Consult your doctor to learn how the Lap-Band can be removed and replaced with a gastric bypass surgery for a better chance of success.

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